Thursday, 28 January 2010


For those who actually use blogs it may interest you to know that i have titled my final film 'Slob' - the basic story is as follows (copy and pasted from my proposal which i handed in today) -

The story of my animation is a basic spoof/dark twist on a typical child neglect story. The main character of the story is not seen from front view, but instead seen only in forms of shadows and from the back of his head, this is because the story is all about subtlety. The story setting is in a typical household; however, this household will look disgusting, meaning that visuals in this case are very important towards the story. The house will be covered in general dirt, mould, dust and rust, windows and glass objects will be crack and broken. The floors of the house will be covered in stains, general food wrappers and packets and kitchen wear. Walls, couches and clothing that is lying around will also be covered in dirt, stains and leftover food. All of this combined will create a generally unlivable condition for the setting of the story. The Story begins by showing the room in which the character spends most of his time; this room will be especially filthy. The camera points only at the back of the characters head with a television turned on in front of him, for subtlety the front of the character who is a slob will not be seen. After the camera has established the slob character, the audience is then shown the ground floor of the house and how dirty it, as well as being introduced to the neglected objects of the house. The objects will include a toaster, a fork, a spoon, some knives and a can opener as well as many others. The basic story is that the neglected objects have come to life and are sick of their neglective home owner; this causes them to strike back and kill the home owner.

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