Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Test development screenshot

An image of the sitting room from my "Slob' animation, still early development stages, no dirt or objects added, just thought i'd mess with lighting, colours, couch designs and the windows (which now reflect objects).


  1. This looks awesome so far Darren, well done =] Wont take you very long to add some good dirt textures either.
    Something I realised quite quickly when animating my last project, is that if you have a scene where the camera is still you can render out anything in the foreground, and anything in the background as seperate flat images. That way when maya is rendering, its only rendering moving parts and doesn't have to work out all of the static geometry time after time. with yours you might have to be careful though, because i know yours relies heavily on moving shadows.

  2. cheers, i'll have a look into that, soz i've not replied, i completely forgot about this blog thing, lol